We care about you and want to make you happy! Sign-up for our Rewards Program and start earning points.  Every time you make a purchase or engage on our website, you will earn points that you can redeem. The more you purchase, share and engage with MYRIAM K Paris, the more covetable rewards you’ll earn.

Introducing Rewards

Earn points when you complete activities

Create an account100 points
Make a purchase1 point per 1AED
Sign up to the newsletter100 points

Redeem points

Redeem points By making purchases, save for discounts on next purchases.
Points can always be converted into discounts or coupons.

Log in or sign up to MYRIAMK PARIS to earn rewards today

Why you will love our loyalty program ? 
In one word, rewards. Earn points that can be redeemed for actual products by shopping on our website.

When should you join?
Now! Definitely now!

Why should you join?
You should join because you are shopping anyway and you might as well get some bonus while you are at it. Not to mention, unlike a lot of other loyalty programs, it is seriously easy to earn points.

Can you earn points on past purchases?
You can not retroactively earn points on purchases made before joining the Loyalty program.

Disclaimer: All rewards are subject to availability and may be changed at any time.
Please note that points will only be rewarded for orders placed after joining the program.

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